1. Abenobashi ED

    The Author likes the ED of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi a lot. It's a simple enough presentation; a slide show with b/w images of postwar Japan and a soundtrack.

    The soundtrack is "あなたの心に", performed by Megumi Hayashibara. It really is a nice track, I …

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  2. Rocket Girls, animation quality

    Here's just a quick note about the poor animation quality. I have screenshots, but it's a big bother to upload and link them currently, so this is just jotting the material down for future use. Ep.5 - They had a nighttime scene, where animators usually place a round fog, like … read more
  3. Rocket Girls (at 06)

    Yukari Morita, Commander

    Rocket Girls is amazing in many ways. For example, many instances of 3D animation are amazingly bad, like the pseudo-Humvee charging through the clip-art jungle. Presently though, I am amazed at the way the story develops. The amazing things started early, with the father search being resolved instantly instead of …

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