Cameron on Allison and Lillia

Awakened from his eternal slumber by Coburn, he dumped almost a momotatesque summary on us. It included a surprisingly positive bit about Allison and Lillia:

I had a lot of misgivings about this show after the first episode. Hell, I had a lot of misgivings about this show after the first arc. But as the show progressed and the world became developed better and the lies started piling up, it started getting good. Especially after Wil became the soulless super-spy. I really liked how neither Allison nor Wil was perfect and their strengths complimented each other.

I dunno. After I dropped A&L, my impression was that simply was way oversimplified. Anything I read thereafter, for example by Washi and Martin matched my understanding. So I'm not about to go back. Also, Cameron's mini-review does not explain much anyway. But just for the record... some may like it.

UPDATE THE NEXT DAY: Cameron replied with a reflection essay. Sadly I'm looking at it wrong, probably, because my favourite line is: "Now, I have to admit for being Wil’s kid, Lillia is really dense, but she does have Allison’s charm and hot-headedness, which I found somewhat fun."

Equally sadly I cannot relate to "Bobsey Twins" and "Hardy Boys", directly at least. I can see what it is supposed to mean, having read Alfred Szklarski's "Tomek in the Land of Kangaroo". Although, A&L is a level below Szklarski, IMHO.