Campanella begins

Right away it must be (dis)claimed that Shukufuku no Campanella begins very conditionally at Ani-nouto, owing to how cretinous it is. My notepad says "Evirus was a fan", although the only mention at Karmaburn is not entirely complimentary. He must've twittered something vaguely positive. IIRC, it was "the best-dressed cast of the season". People like Eternal and Kellis agreed: "The artstyle is clean and bright and cute, and the characters are easy on the eyes."

Unfortunately, the overall result is only somewhat better than Tales of Symphonia. I am afraid that my love of eye candy is not strong enough to overcome the articifial setting and what passes for the story. It is a little difficult for me to operationalize, because Druaga was also set in a fantasy world, but what ruined it was GONZO, not fantasy. It's just something that is repulsively dumb.

Characters are ok. Sadly Chelsea is no Ahmey, but we can't have everything. At least she's voiced by Asami Imai, who I know as voice of Chihaya in Idolm@ster. I heard a lot of her thanks to "talk" tracks. Weirdly enough, I found at least 4 IM@S grads working on Campanella, including my new favourite Hiromi Hirata.

Parts of fanservice are odd. I mean the Minette's robopedophillic eyecatch: what was that about? In the show we have a little innocent robot girl, who calls the male lead "papa". Leaving aside the important question of her even having a vagina, what was the message here?

Streaming is provided by FUNi at Yotube, and they set up a "show" page. It's pretty nifty. Also curious are view counts by episode: 01 - 7483, 02 - 3425, 03 - 2906, 04 - 1997. Not gigantic numbers (once again, if Kasane can top a million, Funi has a room for improvement).