SDF Macross retrospective

Owing to extreme inconvenience of grabbing screenies from Hulu, pickings are rather slim, and random. For example, check out a bridge bunny, who turned out to be a rather whiny little useless thing later. The quality is about as good as it gets for the series. By the way, spoilers.

SDF Macross is rife with errors. Some are rather strange, like filling up with a wrong color. Here are three frames of geometry mis-steps (surely it makes creators of Dai-Guard's floating chair feel better).

Still some parts are rather well done, like a reflection that looks generally right, unlike the one in Mahoraba.

Closer to the end I mostly paused to the epic stuff.

For example, Millia's destiny and also the hilarious (first) date. Apropos which, I appreciated Max not being red-shirted. Remember Mac F and what happened there at the same juncture? Of course, we had Roy Fokker here, but oh well.

Also of course, no wedding can eclipse Nia and Simon's, but then this one was pretty epic. And funny.

And speaking of weddings... Good times.

Another place where Mac F was a product of its time was the way Ranka's singing was treated wrt. Varja. In SDF Macross, Minmei's singing was fully weaponized (pictured). It's unthinkable for it to be played so straight today. Making things ambiguous is considered sophistication nowadays.

And finally...

Coincidentially, Kuro was screwing with me recently. Yeah.