KimiUso begins

Watching KimiUso 08 with wife, and: "Heh, this girl is so going to die." "Oh, totally. It's Japan!"

Over time, I found that it's common or normal for people at large to like anime that I do not care for. Conversely, if I like something, it's natural and proper for most not to appreciate it (except Shirobako; if you don't love Shirobako, there's something wrong with you and you cannot call yourself an anime fan).

So, I figured that my wife may like anime that I hated, but which was highly acclaimed and had excellent production values. That tack had a pretty good success, although Hyouka blew it pretty badly. We finished Uchouten Kazoku (not blogged since cancellation), Euphonium, Dennou Coil, GaruPan (barely). It's KimiUso now.