KimiUso ends

May 13th, 2016 by Author

I dropped Your Lie In April and Sora no Manimani previosly for the same reason: I hate the lead archetype too much. But, it was pretty, and there aren’t many series left unwatched that are suitable for my purposes, so I had to clench my teeth for 22 episodes. In the end, I can forgive the main bitch at least somewhat. Over the years, so many fine pieces of literature and motion pictures dealt primarily with people challenged to keep their humanity when facing death, that the final letter only qualifies for slight eye-rolling. And it’s funny how creators felt a need to whitewash what she’s done to Watari: they know it was wrong by the standards of the living. But was it really necessary to drag everything out this much? The pacing truly was the battle of Namek stuff. And then 22 episodes… Did they hope to stretch it to 26, and then just could not swing it? {Update: Evirus tweets "noitaminA shows frequently use an 11-episode block for whatever reason."}

Liked: No, although it was better than H&C
Rewatch: No way