Thanks to a passing notice at Smug, I was made aware of the 4-episode OVA that came out for ReLIFE. It includes the rest of the story, and by necessity it is quite terse: it covers more manga than the original 13. For example, the disappearing money part was cut …

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  2. Tsurezure Children

    There wasn't much to blog about this, but most importantly -- it was good: a very nice and proper adaptation of the outstanding manga. The art was just as good as the original. They cut out some of my favourite couples for the lack of space, but I can understand that …

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  3. The Thin Slicing is back!

    After several lackluster slicings, Jason kicked it out of he park:

    Pop Team Epic is the Millennial divide anime. Seems like the more Millennial you are, the more you’ll like this show while the more Gen X you are, the more you’ll scoff as this being a homeless …

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  4. Ishii's Airplane

    I'm watching Girls Last Tour 06 and one thing bothers me about Ishii's airplane: it's far too large for the mission. She wanted to have a range of 2,000 km, or about 1,080 nautical miles (nm). But that is a range well within reach of a relatively basic …

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  5. Draggle on Hakumei to Mikocchi 01

    Remember the much-anticipated adaptation that Ani-nouto called? It is out and someone is disappointed:

    I found this extraordinarily boring. I was hoping for something like Strange Dawn, but nope. It’s a barely animated kids show about little people getting along well with each other. Zzzzzz...

    At this point it's …

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  6. The 2017

    If I had to select an anime of the year 2017, it would be ACCA (also known as "13-Territory Inspection Dept.", or "ACCA13区監察課"). For all of its faults, it was an artistic anime without being a typical NoitaminA fare. It is also dangerously subversive and can screw with weak-minded. ACCA's …

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  7. Bobduh on NetoJuu

    His usual pointer to ANN contained this summary:

    The show was one of the most engaging romances I’ve seen in a while, and in general just a very welcome ray of sunshine in a largely miserable real-world year. It told a tightly written romance well, offered plenty of alternately …

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  8. Marina on Boruto

    In a comment elsewhere, Marina of B&B sums it up thus:

    I, too, am surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying Boruto. I never watched Naruto, never even wanted to since the length of the series intimidates me. Boruto is my chance to jump into the world, though …

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