1. The 2017

    If I had to select an anime of the year 2017, it would be ACCA (also known as "13-Territory Inspection Dept.", or "ACCA13区監察課"). For all of its faults, it was an artistic anime without being a typical NoitaminA fare. It is also dangerously subversive and can screw with weak-minded. ACCA's …

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  2. Bobduh on NetoJuu

    His usual pointer to ANN contained this summary:

    The show was one of the most engaging romances I’ve seen in a while, and in general just a very welcome ray of sunshine in a largely miserable real-world year. It told a tightly written romance well, offered plenty of alternately …

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  3. Marina on Boruto

    In a comment elsewhere, Marina of B&B sums it up thus:

    I, too, am surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying Boruto. I never watched Naruto, never even wanted to since the length of the series intimidates me. Boruto is my chance to jump into the world, though …

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  4. NetoJuu ends

    That was outstanding, but why is it so short? It's not only that 10 episodes for a cour is unusual, but pieces were clearly trimmed mid-production. The ED shows us the RL persona of what seems to be Niko, visiting someone (probably Moriko), but she is not present in the …

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  5. NetoJuu begins

    The Autumn 2017 season delivers us another anime romcom, and it's even better than Gamers. It's about adults, and the lead is "unreasonably cute". I may not have seen anything like this since Kayoko, girlfriend of Sunred. Noto voices her very nicely, and I didn't even realize it was Noto …

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  6. Gamers ends

    Upside: Tendou's smile that you want to protect. Downside: Too little of her, too much of Desu-desu. No real ending, either. But then some things got resolved, so it could be worse. Also, that ED track was great.

    For whatever reason, I watched Gamers raw, and although the Japanese itself …

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  7. Jubei-chan accidental rewatch

    Crunchyroll posted Jubei-chan and I thought to give it a go, to complement J2. Completed it, went to blog, and... I have already watched it. But I had absolutely no recollection. Dementia is no joke.

    This time around, I didn't see much angst in Jubei-chan. People do what they have …

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  8. Konoha of Gamers

    They rolled out a new character mid-season, Konoha, a younger sister of Miss Dried Seaweed. One thing immediately jumped out at me: her character design appears to be significantly more elaborate than Desu-desu's, who is even in the OP sequence.

    Somehow it reminded me about a letter where J.R …

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