Yama no Susume ends

May 6th, 2013 by Author

What, it’s over already? But of course. Watching 12 3-minute episodes takes about as much time as watching two normal episodes.

Now I’m wondering if it’s just me or short-format shows became more prevalent? Back when Keitai Shoujo “aired”, its size had to do with the streaming services not even being in their infancy yet — and the need to download the clips to cellphones. We also had miniatures like Cheburashka Arere, which I presume were broadcast in top of the hour slots. Those productions were not excessively ambitious. I am discounting the off-shoots like Haruhi-chan, history of which dates back to To Heart. They lived their parallel lives outside of broadcast as DVD bonuses. But now Yama no Susume seems like a beta run for AIURA, the length of which some animebloggers call “the greates crime in history of anime” on Twitter. Is the tide of anime shorts real and are they the cancer killing anime?

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: maaaaybe…